Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Icy Cantaloupe "Smoothie"

This is my favorite way to eat cantaloupe.  I call it a smoothie but technically smoothies have dairy as an ingredient so this is more like a blended fruit drink.  It's really simple to make and is very refreshing on a summer day.  

I started with a small cantaloupe and cut the top and bottom to create a flat surface.  This way the cantaloupe doesn't roll around and makes cutting easier.

Then I cut the cantaloupe in half.

Using a spoon I scooped out the insides.

Then I cut the halves into quarters...

and then into eighths.

To cut off the rind I started on one end and cut about halfway.

Then I stood it up and finished cutting it off.  This is where trimming the top and bottom of the cantaloupe(the very first picture) comes in handy for stability.

Then I cut the eighth pieces into small bite size pieces.  They should look like little trapezoids.  

Now here's the easy part. I took a cup of ice and a cup and a half of cantaloupe pieces...

put them in a blender along with a little water and honey...

and voila! If you let it sit you'll see it starts to separate but nothing a little stirring can't fix!

This recipe can easily be doubled.  If you don't have honey you could add some sugar instead or, if you're trying to cut back on your sugar intake use stevia.

Adapted from All Recipes

Serves 1

1 cup ice
1 ½ cups cantaloupe, cubed/cut into pieces
¼ cup water

Place first three ingredients in a blender and blend.  Add desired amount of honey to taste.  Blend again and serve.

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