Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chicken Pesto Sandwich, Revisited

This is very similar to the Chicken Pesto Sandwich post from about a year ago.  The only real differences are the bread and the type of pesto.  Instead of the ciabatta rolls Wuz and I used Japanese white bread and used a basil pesto instead of spinach.  This Japanese white bread is cut into thick slices of chewy goodness and is even better toasted.  The brand I bought is Cherry Blossom from a grocery store called Nijiya.   

The pesto Wuz and I used this time around is the same as the one from before but we substituted spinach with basil.  I wasn’t expecting the dark green color but tasted good nevertheless.  We couldn't decide which version of the sandwich tasted better but agreed they were good in different ways.  Enjoy!

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